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As part of our mission, the Education Exchange seeks to enhance the quality of life and create healthier, more engaged communities by serving
learners. We believe that everyone, no matter their age or status, is in a position to continuously develop their knowledge and skills.

From small businesses to corporate industries we’re happy promote local businesses and connect with employers;in order to provide them with the skills and talent they need to grow within their industry.


We provide courses, trainings and skilled talent for their businesses.


we provide educational opportunities and workforce development services to improve their skills.


Have a project that could use an extra hand?
Looking to train someone on a specific task or need for your organization?
Why not host an Education Exchange intern?

Our adult learners are hungry for the chance to put their knowledge and skills to the test. No position or task is too small. Our learners are looking to gain workplace experience and to increase their education with real world opportunities. We offer internship placements in local businesses that are willing to host one or more of our interns for any amount of time. The placements are flexible and hassle free.

If you are interested in hosting an intern within your organization please contact and place “EdEx Intern” in the title.

Is your business looking to make some new hires?
The Education Exchange has talented and educated individuals looking for positions!
Connect with us to learn more about what the Education Exchange can offer you and your business.
Call or email us at

Looking for a place to host an upcoming computer training session?

Why not use The Education Exchange!

The Education Exchange is a licensed Pearson Vue testing center. Our computer lab is prefect for any job training session, lecture or hands on presentation you might have. We invite both individuals and organizations to rent out the facility for your needs.

  • 15 Dell PC desktop with High-Speed Internet access
  • Hitachi High Definition projector system
  • Comfortable rolling chairs with lumbar support
  • Flat screen monitors
  • 120″projection screen (Classroom 1)
  • Dry erase boards and digital presentation tools
  • DVD +/- RW drives
  • Secure Wifi network available

After Submitting the Lab Rental Request form, you will receive an emailed file containing your quote. This is only a quote, and the computer lab is not officially reserved until you email back your approval of the quote and sign the agreement. After signing a lab rental agreement, you will receive a confirmation and your lab will be scheduled.

  • A list of attendees and photo ids are required.
  • There is a one-hour minimum for computer lab rental.
  • To rent projectors or other items please inquiry.

$50 per hour $280 full day (8am-5pm) for non profit prices please call

“I like The Education Exchange because they help us who are from different countries that can’t speak English well…Class isn’t very strict, it is about fun and learning.”

-Sarah Li

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